Refund policy

Note-Replacement of goods

 *only apply to"WOW Mart HK」Refund policy for local products (excluding overseas shopping products)*

  • You agree and accept that the "WOW Mart HK"(Excluding overseas shopping products) ordered goods, in any case WOW Mart HK No cancellations, returns or refunds will be accepted.
  • If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you consult a doctor before purchasing products. If you have a sensitive reaction to the purchased goods, WOW Mart HK We will not accept any replacements, returns or refunds.
  • WOW Mart HK only accepts that the customer finds that the quantity or style in the order is not paid when the customer receives the goods, and calls or emails us within three working days from the date of receipt or collectioncustomer serviceunitAnd provide relevant documents to us for further follow-up,otherwise WOW Mart HK We will not process and accept any replacement items after the three working days from the date of receipt or collection.
  • The customer proposes to us that the goods and the quantity or style in the order are not paid for the replacement of the goods, and the goods can only be replaced once.
  • Please ensure that the goods to be replaced and their packaging are intact, otherwise WOW Mart HK Will not process and accept the replacement of the goods ordered by him.